Breaking Green Ceilings


June 23, 2020

EP 19: Going Rogue: Life After Being an LGBTQ Environmental Educator

Growing up in Ohio, Katie spent a lot of her childhood outside during the summer months. She spent a year at her grandmother’s house where she immersed herself in nature. Katie was able to take her love and interest for …

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June 2, 2020

EP 18: Unearthing the Lives of Enslaved Africans

Dr. Justin Dunnavant always had a passion for history and it was only after a study abroad trip to a Mayan site in a rainforest in Belize did he discover his love for archaeology. During that trip he realized that …

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May 26, 2020

EP 17: Securing a Future for Lions in Kenya

Dr. Shivani Bhalla is a fourth generation Kenyan Indian who grew up going on safaris with her family, which nurtured her obsessionwith wildlife. Her passion has always been big cats, in particular, Cheetahs. When Dr.

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May 19, 2020

EP 16: Being a Voice for Forests in Kenya

Journey Dr. Dr. Walubengo Walubengo is a Kenyan Forest/Natural Resources and Environment Management Specialist with experience in institutional capacity building, project planning, monitoring, evaluation and analysis, and engineering.

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May 12, 2020

EP 15: Fighting Vulture Poisoning in Kenya

Although still early in her environmental career, Valerie Nasoita is already making a large impact in conservation efforts towards vultures in Kenya. Originating from the Maasai tribe, Valerie is currently working hands-on as a Vulture Liaison Officer ...

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May 5, 2020

Empowering Youth to Become Advocates for their Environment

Sam Dindi has been working in the field of environment conservation for eight years now. As the co-founder of Mazingira Yetu, Sam is engaged in: - Environment education and communication Community mobilization and training Ecosystem restoration -

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April 28, 2020

EP 13: Defining Your Own Environmental Activism

Kristy Drutman is Jewish Filipino American environmental media host, activist, independent consultant and digital media strategist who created the podcast and media series known as Brown Girl Green. Forging her own path through the careers within env...

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April 21, 2020

EP 12: Getting People to Care About the Environment

Ariel Maldonado is a hispanic artist and environmental social media influencer/strategist with nearly 50K followers on instagram. Standing as an example that one does not have to have a nature-oriented childhood or education to become an environmentali...

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April 14, 2020

EP 11: Making Space for Queer People of Color in the Environmental Mo…

Isaias Hernandez is the founder of the instagram page Queer Brown Vegan, and co-creator of Alluvia Magazine, a “publication highlighting the intersections of decolonized environmentalism through media”. Through his Instagram,

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April 7, 2020

EP 10: There's Something In The Water

Author of the book There is Something in the Water, Dr. Ingrid Waldron is a powerhouse of a community activist and researcher. Using community based participatory research (CBPR) to examine environmental racism in Nova Scotia, Dr.

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March 31, 2020

EP 9: The Power of Indigenous Youth Environmental Movements

Michael has developed a love for the world through many years of exploring Mother Earth’s beauty, respecting her gifts, and interacting with cultures across the globe. Hailing from the Southwest, Michael’s family is from both the Navajo reservation in ...

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March 24, 2020

EP 8: 29 years of Insights at California State Parks

Jack Shu worked for California State Parks for 29 years, mostly as a Park Superintendent. With a great deal of time spent in the Office of Community Involvement, a unique section called Urban Services gave him insight into the value …

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March 17, 2020

EP 7: Making Space for Clean Energy and Climate Justice

Raya Salter is an attorney, educator and clean energy law/policy expert, focusing on climate justice. She is a member of the New York State Climate Action Council, which is developing NY’s plan to reach the nation’s leading climate action goals,

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March 10, 2020

EP 6: The Value of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Parker McMullen Bushman is the Vice President of Community Engagement, Education, and Inclusion at Butterfly Pavilion in Denver, Colorado, where she educates the public on invertebrates and their cultural and environmental importance.

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March 3, 2020

EP 5: Promoting Diverse Environmental Nonprofit Boards

Why does once Marine Biologist, Dr. Francisco "Paco" Ollervides, transition from researching the impacts of boat noise on gray whale behavior, to become an Executive Director of Green Leadership Trust? - The relationship I had...

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Feb. 25, 2020

EP 4: Grassroots Action in River Protection

Fred Tutman wanted to make a difference in the world and working in media for over three decades didn’t often feel like he was. He finally found his calling as the Patuxent Riverkeeper - a grassroots movement dedicated to empowering …

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Feb. 18, 2020

EP 3: Water Affordability and Equity in America

When asked what advice she has on being a woman of color in a predominantly white business environment, environmental consultant and CEO of her own water consultation firm, Stacey Isaac Berahzer answered: -

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Feb. 18, 2020

EP 2: Building Smart Environmental Research Collaborations

What is Human Ecology? What are Sacred Forests? How can we lessen our carbon footprint without becoming overwhelmed? All of this, and much more, is discussed with University of North Carolina, Asheville Professor, Researcher, and Human Ecologist,

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Feb. 18, 2020

EP 1: A Journey Through Academia as a Woman of Color

With an emphasis on race inclusivity and environmental education in this episode, Dr. Olivia Aguilar is interviewed about her research and personal experiences in the field of environmental academia as a woman of color. Powerful insight is shared be...

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Feb. 3, 2020

Breaking Green Ceilings Podcast - Intro Episode

In this introduction I share a little bit about myself and why I started the podcast. I’m excited about this new journey that I’m about to embark on because I really think it will help make the environmental movement more …

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