Breaking Green Ceilings


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Learning so much

Love this show and the host for inviting guest she is also passionate about leaning from. Thank you for you light.

One of the best parts of my Environmental Studies class

Was assigned to listen to a couple episodes of this podcast for class and it’s been very inspiring, thought provoking and just wholesome to listen to. Thank you so much for sharing these stories with us Sapna!

Influential podcast

Sapna and her guests are amazing. This podcast has truly influenced me so much. I graduated undergrad in 2020, and like everyone else trying to start their career/life right now, it’s difficult. I’ve been listening to this podcast since May 2020, and every episode feels like meeting a new role model, and gives me optimism and hope for what‘s possible. This podcast have truly influenced the kind of environmentalist I want to be 💚 I can’t wait for season 2!

This Podcast is Incredibly Important in These Times.

I highly recommend subscribing & following this podcast. The host brings timely guest & topics to your attention that are uplifting that help to bring the community together to be better stewards of the environment & themselves.

Breaking ceilings podcast

Very thought provoking and amazing commentary on climate and water issues happening around the world . Sapna is the voice for environmentalists worldwide whose voices are not heard all the time . She focuses on key topics that are very relevant in these times. Looking forward to listening to some more of this series . I went up school with Sapna , she’s my very dear college friend and she has always been passionate about the environment . Her tintillating conversations always lights up a room and keeps one intrigued . When’s the next episode ??? I am dying ... keep moving mountains hunnie ... love the initiative and effort .

Must listen!

This is a must listen for anyone working in the outdoor industry or on public lands! Sapna is an extremely skilled interviewer and brings on guests talking about important, but rarely discussed topics related to sustainability and the environment. Nobody else is doing what Breaking Green Ceilings does! As someone who works outside and cares deeply about social justice, this podcast is the perfect confluence of everything I care about.

Awesome podcast and then some

It’s rare that a podcast features such a concentration of voices that speak towards the intersection of marginalized identities and the environment. This podcast is the one we need, but are very rarely in conversation with. I can not recommend this podcast enough. Sapna does an amazing job finding and interviewing some fantastic guest who give you more than dispassionate science information and identity neutral policy talk. 5 stars!

Breaking Green Ceilings

I really enjoyed appearing on Breaking Green Ceilings with founder Sapna Mulki. Sapna is uplifting the important issues of environmental justice and equity at a time when this is needed more than ever. Keep up the great work, Sapna!


I love the Breaking Green Ceilings Podcast!!! So much great information.

Refreshing and Fun

I’m delighted to have found this podcast! I found myself geeking out over salamanders and snakes, and listening to a discussion about national parks from the perspective of a seasoned Black person in the space — honestly, this podcast brought me such joy today. It’s probably all about the host, who draws out the best in her guests. I was super absorbed and loving it. Looking forward to more!

WOC and Green Life, I’m there

As a kid you find yourself wondering does any other person that looks like me enjoy the great outdoors? Of there are! Breaking the Green Ceiling is like my personal Women of Color hiking buddy that gives me the scoop on environmental issues and how it affects me as a Black Woman.

Gratitude for Connections

Wow! I am immensely grateful for this podcast. Solidarity is valuable in this life, and being able to connect with the interconnections of our voices, to listen and learn — is gifting abundance in my life. Highly recommend! Excited for all episodes to come.

Diverse voices

Great podcast with a wide diversity of voices from all over the globe!

So Inspiring and Beautiful

Not only is this a great podcast for its purpose, but it is so fascinating and educating. Love it!

Global Perspectives

Fab shows that portrays global perspectives on “green” ceilings and the people and their stories on how they broke them.

This makes everything real!

This shows the otherwise of climate change and how we can be better to the world we live in. Thankful for this perspective!

Love this podcast!

Excellent format and Sapna really investigates deep conversations in equity and diversity in the environmental profession. Highly recommend!

Great Environmental News

I love listening to Sapna, she is such a great host and highlights of a variety of environmentalists! Definitely recommend!

A chance to hear new stories and learn something new!

The beauty of this podcast is the way it focuses on the individuals and their multiple experiences navigating life and their work. Instead of just learning about a specific topic, you learn about a person, their stories, and learn about many different topics! Easy to listen to and think about the different experiences of those fighting for environmental justice.

Unique and Relevant!

The topics discussed are not frequently covered in mainstream culture. Discussions are well-rounded, in-depth and insightful, which is useful especially for those who are learning about various environmental issues from perspectives not often shared.


Absolutely BEAUTIFUL podcast! This is so important and the content is perfect! Thank you!!

Smart, Global and Multicultural Environmental Conversations on Water

Though I do not work in the water sector specifically, I am a passionate environmentalist especially interested in food and water issues. This podcast is an insightful behind the scenes look into the field for both professionals and those looking to learn about water infrastructure. Besides the quality interviews discussing water issues, host Sapna Mulki also integrates skillfully conversations of equality, gender and race into the discussion. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in modern water issues personally or professionally.

Super informative and fun!

This podcast supplies fresh and new information about the environmental research world and the wonderful women and people of color in it. It provides a plethora of knowledge and resources pertaining to issued such as water affordability, river protection, environmental research, and the importance of inclusivity. All topics that don’t receive the media coverage they need! Each episode provides useful, relevant and insightful information about the topic in less than an hour! Perfect time. Great podcasts!

Excellent podcast about environmental issues highlighting inclusion and diversity

Sapna Mulki’s podcast shows how people of color are breaking into the environmental sector to make a difference in their own communities. As someone who has dedicated her life to making a positive impact on the environment, Sapna’s knowledgeable background brings her to ask thoughtful questions to her interviewees. The information she presents is valuable for people of all backgrounds who are interested in environmental issues. Although attention is given to the topic of inclusion and diversity in the environmental field, many other pressing environmental challenges are also explored, such as water sustainability, grassroots activism, and environmental career paths.

Super informative for any environmentalist!

Very informative podcast that takes a deep dive into what it means to be an environmentalist in the era of climate change. I love that it focuses on people of color! Shining a light on those who don’t typically get it. Great for college students, college grads and business professionals to give a listen to.

A Fresh and Brave Approach!

This podcast provides unique and needed perspectives to our environmental challenges. The theme of diversity and inclusion is one we desperately need to embrace in the environmental community if we are to be successful in creating a more sustainable world. Furthermore it’s great to learn about how the guest overcame challenges and obtained professional success.

A Must Listen for All Environmentalists

It has always bothered me that the environmental field is dominated by white voices, this podcast offers a breath of fresh air in that regards, and offers an opportunity to learn about a new and crucial element of environmentalism.

Love this Podcast!

Sapna is a great host and interviews extremely interesting individuals