Feb. 9, 2021

S2 TRAILER: We're Back!

S2 TRAILER: We're Back!

Hey All! Season 2 is here! I can’t believe that we made it this far. Season 1 was exhilarating and hectic at the same time. We had 40 episodes in 9 months. At that time I didn't think to take a break for various reasons, I was exhilarate...

Hey All! Season 2 is here! I can’t believe that we made it this far. Season 1 was exhilarating and hectic at the same time. We had 40 episodes in 9 months. At that time I didn't think to take a break for various reasons, I was exhilarated by all the amazing guests I found and their stories. I also wanted to get the hang of podcasting and it was new, fun and exciting to me so I just kept going. That said, we are not going to do a repeat of that.

This year, I am breaking down the seasons into three months each with a break of one month in-between. I will also be releasing a new episode every other week and in between I will re-release an episode from season 1 with a look back discussion. I’m experimenting with this structure because when I spoke to a few of our listeners one of the pieces of feedback included  that there were alot of episodes in season 1 and it was hard to keep up with so that’s why the schedule of every other week. And because I still want to honor the amazingness of our season 1 guests who you've probably not had a chance to hear from I am re-releasing them. I’m curious to see how that goes. If you have any thoughts please email me at info@watersavvysolutions.com or you can DM on Insta, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn. Links will be in the show notes.

Another thing new that we’re doing is we’ve uploaded all 40 episodes on YouTube! It took a loonngg time but we thought it would be useful especially for those of us who need captions. Also, I will be recording videos of some interviews and I’ll let you know in the intros if it is available.

So, still focusing on what’s to come in the next season, I’m also going to be experimenting with some formats. I am trying to do a series that focuses on a particular issue so that we can fully get a well-rounded understanding on issues by featuring various perspectives. I am also trying to have more than one guest per show just to show the nuance of environmental issues and themes. In season 1 we covered many themes and you probably noticed recurring themes around environmental justice, structural racism, colonialism this is expected since this podcast focuses on amplifying the voices of environmentalists from marginalized communities and their white allies and this is their experiences.

That said, in a listener survey we conducted two months back one of the pieces of  feedback we received is a desire to hear from environmentalists outside of the US. As a Kenyan Indian I love that idea and also released a series on Kenyan environmentalists in season 1. Those are episodes 14 through 17 if you’re interested. But, yes, we will be hearing from more international environmentalists!

Other topics we will be covering include:

  • Indigenous led ecological restoration
  • Queer nature
  • Climate change and especially how to communicate on this topic
  • Climate anxiety
  • Wildlife conservation and protection
  • Food sovereignty
  • Religion and the environment

I’m getting excited sharing what’s to come this year. Finally, I am so grateful to you dear listener, you have given me hope that we can make a difference together. As an environmentalist I’ve often struggled with my theory of change because I wasn’t seeing favorable outcomes within the timeframe I wanted and I was always limited by somebody else’s agenda. Well, with the podcast I get to show what I think matters, which is a diversity of voices and how everything is connected. Our environmental solutions can’t be just from a single lens. We need multiple perspectives that include consideration of socioeconomic, political, and cultural influences. So, I hope dear listeners that you come to appreciate this approach and also implement it in whatever way you can in your work or daily life choices.

Thank you for listening and I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to share this podcast with you friends, family and foe. Please leave a review on Apple iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts and finally feel free to reach out to me:

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